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Fish Finders Australia

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Fish Finders Australia, are not only run by Accredited Professional Fishing Instructors but boast many qualifications most Fishing Instructors just don’t have!

Our staff have qualifications that include Bachelor of Applied Science (Fisheries), Senior Licencing Officers for the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Squid Commercial Fishing Operators,  Abalone & Aquaculture Farming and so much more!

After years on the water, Our Director decided he wanted to share his knowledge and love of fishing with the next generation! After gaining his Professional Fishing Instructor Accreditation with the Professional Fishing Instructors & Guides Association of Australia, he worked with the highly acclaimed Young Guns Fishing Adventures, teaching children about fishing and all things environmental, all over Australia.

When the Young Guns team needed to down grade their operation due to illness and was no longer able to provide as many sessions of their services, we decided to take up the reigns and Fish Finders Australia was born. With fresh knowledge, insights, a whole host of new programs, and a strong focus on customer service, Fish Finders Australia is already gaining a reputation for it’s exceptional children’s programs!

So why Fish Finders for your centre or school, you ask? Well here are some great reasons!

  • Trained qualified experienced professionals. We are not just volunteers that love fishing, water life and the environment.
  • Our staff has many years experience teaching, entertaining and working with children!
  • Our safety best practice policies and procedures were created a Qualified WHS Professional!
  • Value for money - most of our programs work out to around $11 per child! Adults are of course free!
  • Our programs and staff are qualified in working with Special needs and Disabled children!
  • All equipment is provided! All you need to do is be there!
  • Our programs are suitable for ages 3 years and up and tailored to cater for groups with varied age ranges!
  • Our incursions are held in your centre or school and perfect for any weather conditions! No messy bus trips or cancellations due to bad weather!
  • Our programs are unique, fun and serious fun for the kids and adults! 
  • We service Daycare Centres, Kindy's, Vacation Care, Schools and more!

Find out when we are in your area by checking out our Calendar for 2016/2017!

For more detailed information about each program click on these info packs!

Fishing Excursions for all abilities

All equipment provided fishing lessons for ages 4 years plus!

Children have the opportunity to catch a diverse variety of species at all of our specially chosen locations. All equipment is provided and is top quality fishing gear.


It's the Pippi Twist Competition

One of the best fishing baits around is the humble Pippi! And the best way to catch them is with your wiggly toes in the sand at the beach!

Watch children have a ball learning how to do it indoors as dance competition even!

Live Aquatic Creature Shows

Children love our live yabbies!! They get the chance to have a go at catching our yabbies and the Yabby races are a huge hit!

Whilst they are having fun they are also learning all about yabbies including breeding, habitat requirements etc.

The bearded lady of the Ocean - Meet Abby the abalone

Abby the Abalone is a super cool creature that most kids will rarely get the opportunity to meet! 

The children love seeing, touching and learning all about our cool live Abalone!

Let's Get Crafty Fishing Gear!

It’s amazing what we used to use in years past to catch fish!!

Children love this activity where there imaginations come alive and they create their own fishing equipment to use with Mum and Dad on their next fishing trip.

My what big eyes you have Mr Squid

Children are enthralled as our Squid Professional teaches them all about the extraordinary squid! 

And they even get to see and touch one right there in the classroom!